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Well, it's not several weeks into the semester, and I've been swamped since the get-go. I haven't seen some of my best friends for weeks now, and it may be months before we hang out again. However, my school work is progressing at an astonishing rate. I am learning so much so quickly that it's almost like I can store more since the pace is so fast... I wonder if I have a learning capacity that I will reach someday?

Anyways, I'm sad that Chris is leaving for 2 1/4 years... I went to his going-away party on Saturday (for which my homework suffered severely) but it was worth it. I got together with all of the people who made my years in college so special, and I will never forget those times or this time. I'm happy that Chris is following his dream, though. Even though he has to leave Tiffany behind, he is still following his heart, and that means that only good can come from this.

I do feel sorry for Tiffany, though. It must be so very hard on her. Katie told me that she and Alyssa had to calm her down, since she was crying in her sleep about Chris. I wish her the best, but for some reason I just don't feel like she wants my comfort. Well, she is surrounded by great friends, and I have no doubt that she will make it through in the end.

So now Brad, Joe, and Chris are gone... some of the most worthwhile friends I have ever made at Wayne. Life is approaching fast, and I think I have an inkling now of what they have gone through, and that Chris is going through now. Michigan is great, but people who look to the future know that they must expand their horizons, and look beyond our borders...

Joe, you are going to a great school, you won't have much time to miss everyone before you make a ton of new friends, many of which are geniuses like you. Brad, you just kind of got thrown into a totally new situation, I hope that you can connect with people in Boise like you have with all of us in Detroit. Chris, good journey, you are accumulating great karma for what you are doing, and I can think of nothing else but to say that I commend and respect what you are doing.

Well, I guess I have to get back to the sedentary lifestyle that will ensure my great grades. Hopefully, (and frightfully) I will be the next one to leave the Great Lakes area to make my mark on the world.

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