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So, my "holiday vacation" was anything but. Yet, I had a shit ton of fun!!

Wed: Went to the bar (busiest bar night of the year) and that was ok, but not great. Whatever, it was a night, and I hung out with friends, so what else matters?

Thurs: Homework, and eating massive amounts of food. Then went to my boy John's aunt and uncle's house, had some fun there (texas hold'em and mental gymnastics (also known as K'Niblin pins)), then went to Joe and Melissa's townhouse and chilled for a bit. Had a lot of fun, I miss hanging out!! Once school's done, I don't think I'm going to accomplish anything, I just need to relax for real.

Fri: Homework, and then worked bartender for Sandy. Hope she appreciated it, because I lost a TON of homework time because of this. Made some money, so a semi-profitable day.

Sat: Got out of working today, and went to Dan and Beth's wedding! Damn, but that was the shit! I really miss my school peeps, but at the same time many people were "standoffish". I hope I didn't come off that way too, I was making sure my friend Paige, who was nice enough to come with me, stayed entertained. However, I got some phone numbers I thought I had lost forever (most notably Joe Scott and Sam "Mr. Bung"), and I plan on staying in contact with everyone as long as I can. Damn, though, I was very drunk and fucked up, but I had a whole lot of fun, I danced (not liquid (much)), and I was able to chat with people I haven't seen in literally years. Best to Dan and Beth, you guys will go on forever like the Energizer Bunny!!

Also, special shoutouts for my livejournal school friends, Katie, Holly, and Alyssa, it was great to party with you all, let's do it again soon!

Sun: Woke up, went to work for like 10 hours, and now I am trying to finish my homework that's due Monday. I think I'm just going to skip the Chinese for now, I'll turn it in late on Wed, but I still have this speech, and research on Jack Kerouac. (Brad, where are you when I need you most, buddy?)

All in all, a very fun, but not very productive school-wise, holiday break. Damn I needed that, but now I will pay for it in blood, sweat and tears.

Peace out, I'll post something soon, not gonna neglect this site as much now (at least I plan not to).
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